Uriara Maciel

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Berlin, Germany
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Theater Director and Actress
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Uriara Maciel was born in Bahia in north-eastern Brazil. She currently lives in Berlin and works as a theatre maker and actress. She is dedicated to researching and staging texts with a decolonial vision and feminist themes. In Theatre of the Oppressed she worked with Augusto Boal team at CTO - Rio and other collectives (2006 - 2009) and with Bárbara Santos since 2007. In 2017, she co-directed "Schwarz, Black, Preta".

The medium-length film "Ash Wednesday", starring her, will premiere in February 2023 at the Berlinale section Perspektive Deutsches Kino. For the collective Kakalaques - Theatre of the Oppressed for Latina women in Berlin - she directed the plays "TV Las Estrelladas" (2017) and "A not very human story" (2019).

As a freelancer she works for Ballhaus Naunnynstraße, Kuringa Berlin, as well as with various directors such as Mirah Laline ("Juntos/Bî Hevra", 2021), Nasheeka Nesdereal ("Junctions", 2022) and Atila Öner ("Im Strom", 2022).

Photo by Kleber Nascimento, 2022