Raisa Inocêncio

Based in
France | Berlin (from 2024)
Education & Research
Performing Arts
Media & Communication
Cultural Production
Other Fields
Researcher in Literature, Philosophy & Visual Arts
Open to new jobs and projects


Raisa Inocêncio (she/her) is a Brazilian Educator, Researcher, Artist and Developper project based in Marseille, France. Currently, she is in the process of preparing for a PhD program at the University of Toulouse (FR), focusing on their thesis titled " Tell me, Venus: Why do they hunt women?” Her thesis is disseminated to different pedagogies in the form of workshops, performances, and conferences. Also, as a volunteer, she organized solidarity parties in Paris, Toulouse and Marseille for “The Pataxo health project” in the South of Bahia.

Julien Oziel, 2019