Nali Neisse

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Other Fields
Writer and visual artist
Open to new jobs and projects


Nali Neisse (b.1994, Cruz Alta, Brazil) is a writer and visual artist who, since 2022, bring elements of her journal to life in an urge to process her impulses, alike a therapy session. They appear in blood-red on fabric, paper, plastic, or any upcycled material, a big statement of the artist. Along with this sacred visceral aesthetic, the pieces enable an external elaboration of feelings, relationships, and situations, a practice that psychology names sublimation. Her work, besides its personal starting point, drives the viewer in a process of identification, provoking their emotions to connect and be elaborated by her words, then going back into their conscious mind in a clearer and more calming form. It can happen through a relatable affirmation made by Nali about a similar feeling not recognized before or even by simply bringing to the spoken world thoughts that are not allowed to be said out loud.

Photo by Bernardo Gasparini, 2023