MXM ||| mirella brandi x muep etmo

Based in
Berlin, Germany and São Paulo, Brazil
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Cultural Production
Light and Sound Artists
Open to new jobs and projects


Mirella Brandi is a light artist and Muep Etmo is a musician, composer, and sound engineer. Working together since 2006, they explore the narrative capacity as well as the perceptual transformation of light and sound in concerts, installations, and immersive performances.

The duo, AKA MXM, makes use of the principles of performative art, expanded cinema and immersive installations, and transforms them in an immersive narrative. Light and sound as autonomous languages which construct immersive environments that alter the perception, create new connections, and move our perspective on what we understand as reality.

Mirella Brandi and Muep Etmo are located in São Paulo and Berlin and have been artistically based in Berlin at the Acker Stadt Palast Theater since 2015. They also work in collaboration with other artists' projects, creating immersive environments, light projects, original music for film, theater, and dance, and sound engineering projects.


Rumos Itaú Cultural (2006) / Caixa Cultural (2009) / HTTP do Instituto Sergio Mota de Arte e Tecnologia (2009) / Rumos Musica (2010/2012) / Rumos Cinema e Vídeo (2012/2014)/ Initiative Neue Musik Berlin (2017)/ Prêmio APCA - melhor iluminação (2019) / Prêmio Rumos Cinema e Vídeo (2012/2014) / Prêmio Caixa Cultural (2009) / HTTP Video of Instituto Sergio Mota de Arte e Tecnologia 2009.

Photo by Tuca Paoli