Mateus Furlanetto

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Media & Communication
Performing Arts
Cultural Production
Public Relations & Co-founder of Cena Berlim
Open to new jobs and projects


Mateus Furlanetto has 22 years of professional experience and ten years teaching Public Relations. He holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and a master's degree in Communication Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. He worked for 17 years at the Brazilian Association for Business Communication, Aberje, Brazil. Nowadays, for five years, he has been Chief Administrative Officer at the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

For five years, he was a lecturer in the undergraduate program in Public Relations at Cásper Libero College, Brazil. Since October 2018, he's been a lecturer in the master's program in Public Relations and Digital Marketing at HMKW - Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft Berlin, where he teaches Media Relations.

In 2018, he produced the show "Saudações a Walt Whitman" in São Paulo, Brazil, handling all the promotion and publicity of the show. In addition, he is a frequent visitor to European and Latin American theatre festivals.

Photo by Ivan Shupikov.