Luiza Maldonado

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Cultural Production
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Founder of Cena Berlim, Cultural Producer & Actress
Open to new jobs and projects


I'm a Brazilian producer and actress based in Berlin. I came to the city in 2017, supported by a scholarship from the DAAD and the Goethe-Institut, invited by Thomas Ostermeier to work as a director's trainee at the Schaubühne Italienische Nacht.

Always looking for networking and exchange, in 2020, during the pandemic year, she founded Cena Berlim, a LGBTQ+ community of Brazilian creative professionals based in Berlin - Cena currently has more than 250 members. I advanced my career by promoting exchanges between the German and Brazilian art scenes.

Although I love to perform, in the last three years, I've been working as a freelancer producer for various Brazilian and German events, theatre, and audiovisual productions. I'm constantly looking forward to new projects and opportunities.

Photo by Renata Wajdowicz, 2021.