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Jota Ramos (b.Brazil, 1989)

is a transmasculine non - binary multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Beginning with autobiographical artistic experiments, Ramos explores the practices of performance, video, installation, photography, and poetry. Creating peripheral dissident subjectivities that dialogue with symbolic, etymological, and Black and gender identity references, he seeks to bring a poetic reflection as a healing space thinking about how to portray the authenticity of the brown body in a genuine way, as a light-skinned Black person. His research investigates tools to build an antiracist and powerful representation of Black trans people’s sociality, identity, and their historical journey. He is currently studying directing at FilmArche in Berlin and has a postgraduate degree in applied social science by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he researched the black female entrepreneur movement in the southern region of Brazil.