Gabriela Kliemann Dias

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Visual Arts
photographer | visual artist
Open to new jobs and projects


Gabriela Kliemann Dias is a Brazilian photographer and visual artist currently living in Germany. Graduated in the Artistic Photography Professionalizing Course at EFA, she started investigating several techniques of expression through photography.

Her main area of research is experience as creative expression, developing biographical, autobiographical, and documentary works. Her work explores ways of reporting personal and other life experiences that go beyond the personal to become collective, as in her work on sexual abuse of women. Her work is hybrid, using digital photography, prints on various materials, digital manipulation and manual interventions, voice recordings, writing, and performances, often mixing several techniques and together with other artists.

Currently she is developing work about being an immigrant, through her own and other experiences that she observes. The way of expressing oneself in a foreign country is one of the central points in her research, which investigates languages, comprehension, and non-spoken forms of communication. She has also started working with past stories of her family that crossed through her during her childhood and continue crossing over today to create imagetic stories and make them real.