Feu Marinho

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Berlin, Germany
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Brazilian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Feu Marinho explores different spheres of the world music Influenced by his Brazilian background creating fusions into African rhythms, Jazz, indie and progressive music.

Feu is based in Israel and Berlin since 2019 and has been actively working and collaborating into international projects with musicians from all over the world most recently with the iconic Jacob Collier.

Feu started his internacional career in Europe while living in Lisbon (PT) and later on stablished a big audience in Israel where today is part of the local music scene. In the early 2023 after touring Israel and attending Indnegev Festival Feu went back to Europe to tour “Velocidade Futura” in UK, Germany and Portugal and is expected to attend summer festivals across Europe.

Produced by Daniel Harlev and Speak Thru, Feu released in 2022 “Velocidade Futura” A big investigation into sounds and original songs recorded together with a big crew of unique Israeli artists and has its art cover sign by Kiko Dinucci (BR)

By Erica Sundrop