Eve Queiróz

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Cultural Production
Media & Communication
Visual Arts
Other Fields
Visual Artist
Open to new jobs and projects


My first artistic project, titled “Negahamburguer,” began in 2009 in graffiti form, and as time went by, I explored new techniques and formats in street art, illustrations, tattoos and even had a book published. I approach themes such as body positivity, blackness, and also women’s rights.

Experienced living on the road from March 2016 to October 2018, creating the project “Mochilão Negahamburguer” (“Backpacking Negahamburguer”) in which I exposed myself to wonderful places, created a lot of street art and exchanged accommodations, tickets, and food for my artwork and handpoked tattoos.

In 2019, my work with art and everything that connects me to it passed through a natural and inevitable evolution; therefore, I stopped using the name Negahamburguer and started using my own name, opening myself to new paths. In 2022, I started my project as a producer and art manager focusing on black Latin artists.

Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.