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Eduardo is a cultural manager, independent curator and consultant for various contemporary culture companies and organisations. Living in between Pamplona, Spain and Berlin, Germany, he has extensive international experience in the field of performing, visual and audiovisual arts both at the level of strategic planning, as well as in fundraising, production, and curation.

Educated in Performing Arts at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and Middlesex University (UK), he is the project manager coordinating Big Pulse Dance Alliance, a 4-year project funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, connecting leading dance festivals and institutions in 12 countries.

He also worked regularly as a mentor in artistic processes and strategic consultant for various companies, venues, festivals, foundations, and public institutions in several countries. Collaborations vary from one-off experiences of few years of engagement, such as Teatros de Canal (Madrid, 2017 - 2019), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona, 2017 – 2019), and Spanish Cultural Action (Madrid, 2018 - 2019).

He was artistic and executive director of the Panorama Festival of Rio de Janeiro (2004-2013) and project manager at Artsadmin in London (1996-2001). He has been a founding member of various national and international networks, such as the Brazilian Circuit of Festivals Dance Internationals, South American Dance Network, Latin American Forum of Videodanza, Shared Spaces (Africa, Europe, and Americas), and was in the commission of the National Forum of Culture Points of Brazil.

He has participated as a jury in several important events international events such as The Caribbean Dance Biennial, the Nordic platform Ice Hot, the Rumos de Itaú Cultural, and Rolex's Mentor and Protegée program (among others)