Débora Bergamini

Based in
Berlin, Germany
Cultural Production
Visual Arts
Education & Research
Cultural Producer
Open to new jobs and projects


Cultural Producer, Cultural Development and Public Policy Construction Agent and Researcher.

She began her work in the field of management in 2011. Since then, she has held several cultural management positions, being part of municipal, state and federal government organizations to collaborate in the construction of public cultural policies in Brazil.

Throughout her years of work in the field of culture, she has also acted as production director in dozens of cultural events, including several Music, Circus and Cinema Festivals.

She has a degree in History, Pedagogy and Visual Arts, a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management and in 2018 she defended her master's thesis at the Federal University of São Carlos, with the presentation of research on the relationship between education and social movements in the area of culture.

After a trip around the world, Débora settled in Berlin and continues in the executive production and production direction of projects for Brazil, among these projects are the Documentary Film Festival: Citronela Doc, The Multilingual Festival Toda Arte and the development of the incubator of cultural projects Chocadeira.