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Realities in Transition • Call for XR Artistic Projects

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The iMAL space in Brussels is launching a second call for XR artistic projects in the context of the Realities in Transition project. The selected artist(s) will be offered a residency at iMAL in March/April 2024 under the mentorship of the immersive performance pioneers of CREW Brussels.

How we experience digital content is changing rapidly with the emergence of extended reality or XR. XR brings together virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to create a blended reality in which data seamlessly mingles with the physical environment.

The impact of this new integrated world is becoming evident across society in domains such as education, healthcare, industry, and culture. Inevitably, the opportunities XR presents also introduce critical issues relating to sustainability, ethics, data privacy, and unequal access to technology, to name a few examples.

XR tools offer creatives and artists compelling possibilities for building upon and challenging existing modes of content creation and storytelling while helping to develop original methodologies for producing new artistic media.

During the residency at iMAL, Brussels, from 4 March - 28 April 2024, the selected applicant(s) will receive access to its XR LAB, which contains state-of-the-art equipment for creating and producing XR projects, as well as curatorial and production support. The selected resident(s) will also be provided with guidance and special mentorship by CREW and have the opportunity to work with different motion capture systems, a variety of VR HMDs (stand-alone and PC-based), trackers, video projectors, 3D scanners, as well as full pipelines of audio and video equipment, adapted to the needs of XR. The entire process will be supported by an array of high-end gaming computers and network equipment.

The call is open to all emerging creatives who are European residents.

reward / benefit

Towards the end of the residency, a public event will be held where the resident(s) will present the resulting work.

A budget of €9350 will be provided to cover fees (€2000), development and production (€3000), accommodation and subsistence (€3750), and travel (€600).

Brussels, Belgium
Dec 3, 2023
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Nov 10, 2023