I Love You Because • a musical exploration



I Love You Because: a musical exploration

Step into the enchanting world of I Love You Because as it receives its first-ever Berlin adaptation, bringing the magic of musical theatre to life in a city known for its cultural diversity. This event invites you to witness the sitzprobe, a pivotal moment in the production process when the cast and musicians come together to rehears the show's musical numbers.

I Love You Because introduces you to Austin Bennett, a quick-witted greeting card writer whose life takes a thrilling turn when he discovers his girlfriend's infidelity. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Berlin's dynamic dating scene, this musical comedy unfolds as Austin meets Marcy Fitzwilliams, a flighty photographer whose spontaneity is matched only by her ability to drive him insane. Through humour and heartfelt moments 'I Love You Because' explores the intricacies of modern dating and teaches us the beauty of embracing one another's differences.

The production marks a significant milestone for Musical Theatre Berlin, which is establishing itself as a trailblazer in the Berlin theatre scene by producing professional English-speaking musicals tailored to the city's diverse and international audience.

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Neue Bühne Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Strasse, Berlin
Musical Theatre Berlin
Date / Hour
Dec 1, 2023
Dec 1, 2023
20:00 - 21:30 CET
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Nov 11, 2023