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From the civil law company (GbR) to the entrepreneurial company (UG) to partner companies: This seminar deals with a recurring question from creative entrepreneurs and those working in the arts and culture: Which legal form is the right one for my project? The event will take place in German and online. There will be a translation into English.



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How do I set up a partnership? What is an entrepreneurial company (UG)? And how many people can I form a civil law partnership (GbR) with?

The question of the appropriate legal form is a recurring question, especially when it comes to the establishment and forms of economic cooperation.

In this seminar, the lawyer Johann D. Riemenschneider gives an overview of the three most common legal forms for cultural and creative professionals: GbR, UG, and partner companies. He discusses their advantages and disadvantages and answers the following questions, among others: Which legal form suits my project? What criteria play a role in the selection? Do I have to register the legal form I have chosen, and if so, where?

During the seminar, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your questions with our speaker.

The event is part of the satellite program of Most Wanted: Music 2023. Click here for the full program.

Our speaker, Johann D. Riemenschneider, is a lawyer from Berlin. He specializes in founding companies and start-ups in the creative industries and advises them on everything from choosing the legal form to drafting contracts and protecting their own ideas. As an art-loving lawyer, he is particularly fascinated by the interaction between the supposed opposites of law and creativity.

For whom?

  • Open/open to all disciplines
  • Collectives
  • Project makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solo self-employed people
  • Freelancers

Knowledge level

Beginner, but the names GbR, UG, or partner companies are not new to you, and you should have already dealt with the choice of legal form in Germany.

Accessibility information

The event will take place in German and online. There will be a translation into English.

Costs/participation fee

Although participation is free of charge, registration must be made in advance using our registration form since the number of places is limited.

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Thu, November 16, 2023 | 10:00-13:00 | Online
Kreativ Kultur Berlin
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Nov 10, 2023