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CORPUSCOLETIVUSLAB is a space for performance art practices facilitated by Brazilian artist and researcher Dra. Andressa Cantergiani.

The laboratory will enable the establishment of a space for experimentation based on the artistic and creative concerns of each participant and the collective corpus. Starting from the conception of the body as a trans and cross-disciplinary device, the meetings will activate through different discussions about the relations between performance and its conduct of resistance. Thus, the meetings dealt with the production and reflection around performance and its unfolding in the scope of art, social, and political context in relation to technology.

The Laboratory proposes a discussion about the place of the body and the performance in the social and political context. How does the body, as a mediator of our experience with the world and with the other, live surrounded by violence and contradictions? What senses of radical freedom are we capable of provoking? How can the body be a flux and environment for these discussions, even after the performative action? These and other questions guided the work during the laboratory and will be the axis of the open performance classes.

From practical exercises and techniques developed by the artist Andressa Cantergiani over more than seven years teaching performance art and education workshops, mainly in Brazil. Starting from opposition techniques of relaxation and resistance, self-care and self-defense, Augusto Boal's Games, practical exercises of radical tenderness experimented with the Collective La Pocha Nostra, exercises with object, exercises, and experimentation with projectors and body mapping scanners for relationships and expansion of the body through technology. In addition, an indication of texts for theoretical and conceptual deepening.

The artist will facilitate in the meetings the development of each participant's ongoing projects, as well as new projects in performance for beginners.

The lab is open to artists and non-artists in order to create a diverse and heterogeneous space for collective listening.

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Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44
Schedule / Agenda
November 23, 2023 | 6-8pm CET
Andressa Cantergiani
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From €10
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Nov 10, 2023