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This intensive hands-on course was devised to make actors and directors feel confident and ready, training them in the precise naturalist style that Matheus has used to successfully build his career in film and series while relying on time-tested principles from Stanislavski’s system (plus elements from Adler, Meisner, and Strasberg). Participants experienced in camera work will hone advanced skills, and stage actors and directors adapting to camera work will have a formative learning experience.

Confidence is most important in order to get the desired role/project independently of how good the actor/director is, and here, instructed by Matheus, participants train competences that build confidence, working with scripted scenes from the get-go, filming exercises, doing re-takes, acclimatizing to the dynamic of a set. The clear principles and practices taught here will always get you the needed results.

Actors will find it easier to hit notes that scenes ask and to trust what they’ve done, independently of how they feel on the day (or how little feedback they got from their directors).

Directors will train how to communicate with actors with precision, and how to choose the right tools to make needed scene adjustments, even when under pressure and having to work fast.

dates: Nov 18-19, 2023

hours: 11:00-18:00

level: advanced

language: English

venue: this site-specific edition takes place in an art studio in Wedding, Berlin.

cost: € 200

Limited to 6 participants: 4 openings for acting, 2 for directing.

This course is for actors, directors, or scriptwriters/playwrights on a professional track. On-camera experience is not required, but attendance is limited to participants with previous training or experience.

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Schedule / Agenda
November 18th (Sat) & 19th (Sun), 2023 | 11h-18h
Matheus Parizi (scriptwriter | director)
Price / Fee (in euros)
€ 200
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Sep 27, 2023